Demo 2012

by Bug Chaser

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Bug Chaser is a rock band from St. Louis, MO. We formed in 2010. We like to rock and roll and we rock hard. Listen to our songs, we wrote a song about "Motorik Steves" and a song about "Chnops" listen its good. There are a lot of things going on, a lot of influences: Can, Hawkwind, Primal Scream, MC5, Fela Kuti, Lil B The Based God and Steely Dan come to mind. There are 8 people in this band, eight people wow!! We are a fun group of dudes and we like to party. We party hard and we like to rock hard in the 21st Century. We play all over, we will come to your town and play and we like to party. We've played with a lot of nice bands like Fucked Up, Jeff The Brotherhood, Broncho, Cheveu (they are from France!), Bloody Knives and Brain Idea, just to name a few. Some of us are football fans, some of us are weed fans, holler at us we'll chat about football and weed. Bug Chaser has 2 drummers maybe that's weird, no it's really cool trust me. Also there's a longhair guy with a computer not sure what he does though, he's MYSTERIOUS!!! We've just released a 7" titled Billy Saw A Pear. We also have released a couple of cassettes, and have found our way onto a couple of compilations. We plan on making an LP very soon, and this Demo 2012 is kind of a sample. Also, you can watch our videos on Youtube ( we do the news its fun. Or check out some live footage ( Seriously though we are serious please take us seriously and bump Bug Chaser. Thank You.

P.S. Oh also, the St. Louis Riverfront Times weekly paper's critics called us the best rock band of 2012, that was pretty nice of them.


released December 10, 2012

Produced by Jason Hutto
Recorded and Mixed at Smoking Baby Studios in 2012
Songs are Unmastered*

Bug Chaser:
Jeff "whiteboy" White: Autogranny, Fuck Knob, Cray Delay, Mukdist
Kevin Insinna: Percussion, Drums, Shakers
Taylor J. Huff: Drumkit, Trapset, Traphouse, Vocals
Jake Jones: Electric Guitar, Vocals, Sampling
Zeng Zengerling: Electric Guitar, Choir Instructor, Soprano
Pat Grosch: Mainly Vocals, Spiritual Accountant
Jake Bremler: Synthesizer, Electric Piano
Matty Coonfield: Electric Bass Guitar, Vocals

* "She's Ninety" is mastered and featured on the 7" Billy Saw A Pear



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